I Want To Quit Fraud, I Can’t Sleep With Five Women Daily — Young guy cries out

The motive behind fraud money is increasing every day among the youth in Africa. As the youth these days seem not to understand why they should go the long way to succeed whiles he can consult a spiritualist and with one or two fraudulent ways he can become a millionaire over night.

Adama Mohammed, a young guy who completed the high school not long ago shares his story with us.

It all started when I completed senior high school and my uncle decided not to sponsor my tertiary education, I had lost my parents to car accident whiles in high school. My uncle who was a book-man at lorry station was also battling his own share of poverty, I moved to stay with a friend called Abraham who was an okada driver but was more focus on his internet fraud activity. Abraham lived in a single room where his boss who also was into internet fraud lived some time ago but had to move within a short time because he turned into a millionaire overnight with internet fraud. Abraham was using the okada motor business to raise money to buy data for the internet at night and my job was to assist him in bringing creative ideas to catch any client he was chatting at night. Abraham was a good and kind guy to me, he started teaching me how to ride the motor bicycle so he can give it to me to run the motor business whiles he resume to full time internet fraud because that one seem to him more profitable in the near future than to take risk in riding motor to convene passengers from one place to another.

Abraham’s boss who is believed to be the person who ushered Abraham into the fraud was driving in range rover and had a big mansion in west legon and fleet of cars parked on his compound.   The sight of sulley, Abraham’s boss could motivate any young guy into fraud in the area because sulley was living a luxurious life style. Among his fleet of cars where Bentley, rolls-Royce, Mercedes maybach, Toyota Lexus v8, and range rover. He had numerous houses all over the city of Accra and Kumasi.

Abraham had finished eating one sunny afternoon and told me he is travelling with his boss ‘sulley’ to tamale the northern region of Ghana to see a man who will help him become successful in the internet fraud and that all he needed was to get the pictures of the big men in America, UK, china and Canada to take to the man so I should compile all the pictures of the men we have been chatting with at night and send it to his what-app phone so he can go to the camera studio and print them out , I heed to what Abraham told me and within few minutes the job was done , he waved me and departed to Mr. sulley’s house.

For about two months I was living alone in Abraham’s single room since he had departed to sulley house two months ago , I lived happily there alone attending to the motor business that Abraham taught me , I was enjoying life since i was making good income from the motor business and I could buy any food I want , I also didn’t spare the girls in the neighborhood since I was sleeping with them one after the other, day and night different girls shared the bed with me , a game I came to meet Abraham doing, and I sincerely joined because I had waited for such opportunity to come my way long ago. I regretted one night when two ladies crashed at my house and fought till they were tired and left, the embarrassment they brought to me , but it couldn’t change anything the next day a new girl came to enjoy my new bed-sheet.

It was a normal Tuesday morning and I was getting ready to go to work , when I heard a hard knock on the door, I opened the door and to my surprise it was Abraham , the guy has changed totally from head to toe looking more handsome with some curry hair , I screamed A.B is that you , I can’t believe this you have really change , I swear this girls are dead in this area on your arrival but to my surprise he told me to forget those smelling girls, ‘eiiish’ even esi the girl he loves so much he told me to stop talking about smelling esi , ‘lord have mercy I said’ he told me to come out and see his new car and to my outer most surprise it was a brand new range rover , we quickly sat in and sped off to his new house , I left the single room door  opened with my money on the bed and motor , as we sped off I told Abraham about the situation if he can return back so I would close the door but with an arrogant voice he told me he will change my destiny in 5 minutes , so he stopped the car and brought a cheque book for me to ask of any amount but I declined and we moved to his house, it was a newly acquired mansion, we sat in the living room talking about life and my current situation compared to his , and he told me to keep quiet for first thing tomorrow morning we are going to see the man who helped him to become successful in the internet fraud, upon hearing that I was very glad and thanked him so much , the night before the following morning I gathered all the pictures of the client I have been browsing with since Abraham left me with the little he taught me about internet fraud  .

Early the next morning we booked a flight to tamale to see the man and at about 2 pm in the afternoon we were at the man’s palace, he took the pictures I had brought with me and told me each of them will send me any money I asked from them and that all I need to do is to sleep with 5 women in a day , upon hearing the five women in a day I was a womanizer but five women every day was going to kill me faster than corona-virus . But Abraham told me to do it for he had a very simple way he will show me to go about it and I will never regret doing this, upon hearing what Abraham told me I quickly agreed to do it and we came back to Accra.

It’s been 4 months since we came back from tamale to Accra, I am for-kingly rich, I have in my mansion two roll Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini , Ferrari, Aston martin , Mercedes maybach, 2 range rover and Mercedes bra-bus . I have bought 3 mansions in airport ridge, and another mansion in osu .

I have followed money, chased money and got money but I can’t take it anymore, because I am dying slowly , my friend Abraham confirms to this statement as he told me he has also regretted taking this path , every day as we see the money , we feel in our heart that our life is short so we should look for means to spend the money , many people who have contacted this man and become successful through internet fraud have had a car accident and died , we see money every day but in our heart we know death is imminent . All that glitters is not gold, had I know is always at last,

The only advice I can give to the youth is to take their time and be not envious of someone’s riches for you don’t know how he made his money.

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