When it’s Your Time, even the Clock will work Perfectly Without Batteries — Naira Marley Motivates fans & Followers

Naira Marley motivates fans with the most motivating quotes ‘When it’s Your Time, the Clock will work Perfectly Without Batteries’

The most controversial Nigerian singer, Azeez Fashola, popularly known as Naira Marley, who had been living a lifestyle which youths emulates and it has been having a negative effects on them seriously even without being told.
You hardly sees a child of 10 years old who doesn’t shout or knows what ‘marlian’ is.

So amazing and surprising, Naira Marley had promised his fans to take a turn around and would be adding, affecting and touching lives positively during the Ramadan fasting which was few months ago. It seems he is a man who keep to his words and changes has been seen in him ever since he made the statement.

Following the trend, Naira Marley took to his twitter page of recent to cheer off and motivates his fans for them to keep the fire blazing in them.

He tweeted that “when it’s your time, the clock will work perfectly without batteries”

See photo below👇

Naira Marley has spoken nothing but the truth that needs to be heard. For everyone has his or her appointed time, when it is the time appointed for you, wonders will happen. You wouldn’t just know how everything will work out good and perfectly for you.

Are you beginning to love Naira Marley the more?
He worths it, due to his recent manners of speech and behavior.

Let’s all wait for our time for miracles to happen, it is the best time so far.

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