Kemi Olunloyo Reveals Reasons Why The Likes of Wizkid and DJ Cuppy Do Not Do Giveaways For Their Followers

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo who’s acknowledged for being very blunt, fearless and immediately to the factor has discovered in yet any other certainly one of ever almost by no means ending tweets, the reason celebrities which include the likes of Wizkid and DJ Cuppy do now not contain themselves in doing giveaways for his or her followers.

Giveaway is a commonplace terminology in the international of social media despite the fact that pretty popular among fb, Instagram and Twitter. It involves an character or maximum likely a celeb identifying to celebrate a few in their followers by way of giving out part of their wealth.

Giveaways are more often than not in monetary fee although in a few uncommon cases, other objects inclusive of clothing, fashion accessories and even foodstuff may be given out to the needing masses.

But, there are some celebrities that do not seem to involve themselves in giveaways irrespective of how compelled they’re via their followers.

How and why do those celebrities fail to contain themselves in giving back to the network that roots for them and made them who they’re?

Kemi Olunloyo has a solution to this. She explains that it is because giveaways purchase loyalty of lovers.

When fanatics are dependable to a fault, it doesn’t honestly do precise for the celebrity as they most effective retain to assist them due to what they could deliver back to them once more ultimately.

She additionally goes to say that it’s miles for this same purpose that she herself does not contain in giveaways saying she doesn’t want fanatics and best has followers.

She made this all recognised after certainly one of her followers had asked her to do giveaway for them.

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