“You’re ungrateful” – Boyfriend Blasts girlfriend for collecting money from his mom after making her hair [Screenshot]

Boyfriend Blasts girlfriend for collecting money from his mom after making her hair

A Nigerian boyfriend has expressed disappointment after his girlfriend charged his mom for making her hair in same hair dressing salon he paid for.

Trouble started when the said boyfriend sent his mom to make her hair at his girlfriend’s hair dressing salon and later learnt she paid for the service.

He then confronted his girlfriend to know why she charged his mom knowing fully well she’s her future mother-in-law.

The girlfriend however maintained her stand that she wasn’t ready to mix business with pleasure, noting she couldn’t reject the money his mom offered.

The boyfriend was quick to remind her that he helped her set up the salon by paying for its rent, provides for her needs and shouldn’t have charged his mom.

He also added that, if she must collect money after making his mother’s hair, she should have asked him to pay and he would have gladly paid.

The boyfriend also regretted investing in her, noting that she spoilt the one opportunity she could have used to bond with her future mother-in-law;

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