‘Big FOOL, What Have You Done For Nigerians’ – Wizkid Earns Himself Negative Reactions After Calling Out President Buhari

‘Big FOOL, What Have You Done For Nigerians’ – Wizkid Earns Himself Negative Reactions After Calling Out President Buhari

In the early hours of today #EndSarsNow was trending on the microblogging platform and Nigerians couldn’t stop tweeting about their plights in the hands of the officers of the SARS.

Celebrities joined in which saw Nigerian musician, Wizkid calling out the President of Nigeria for turning a blind eye to the ongoing menace and focusing on other countries’ welfare. Buhari wished President Donald Trump and his wife a speedy recovery after they contracted the novel virus.

And this is how Wizkid replied to Mr. President;

”Donald Trump is not your business! Old man! Police/Sarz still killing Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something! Nothing concern u for America! Face your country !!”

Following his call out to the President of the country, many Nigerians sided with him for joining the outburst of their cry however some Nigerians slammed Wizkid for calling out the President in a disrespectful manner and also calling him “an Old Man”.


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