Kanye West says he wants to buy Universal Music Group

Rapper and design head honcho Kanye West asserted that instead of simply purchasing his lords, he anticipates purchasing the American worldwide music company, Universal Music Group.

Kanye West

West, in a three-hour-long meeting with podcaster Joe Rogan that was delivered Saturday, talked about his official mission, associations with God, the music business and his agreements, his style line, his takes on fetus removal, prescription and prejudice.

West disclosed to Rogan that the music business is “not a protected spot”. The rapper who scandalously tweeted a 8 seconds video of himself peeing on one of his 21 Grammy grants stated: “It’s a deceptive spot.”

  • Now music loses me cash. Of my $5 billion total assets, music is negative $4 million.”
  • He added, “I was pondering purchasing my lords however I understood that is excessively little of an idea. I’m going to purchase Universal. They’re just a $33 billion association.”

In September, Kanye West contrasted the music business with an advanced slave transport dependent on the way that numerous craftsmen are being abused and “subjugated” by the record names they marked agreements with. He additionally promised not to deliver new music until he is liberated from his agreement with Sony and Universal.

In any case, in his meeting with Rogan, West said he isn’t at battle with the business.

  • I’m not at battle with the music business. I’m trying to say we have to develop. At the point when I posted my agreements, I had ten agreements that continued putting me inside a maze and things we needn’t bother with.
  • “Ruler would state we needn’t bother with the dispersion part,” he proceeded. “I’m the sort of individual where I’m making an effort not to dispense with anybody’s work. There’s a way the two players can be glad. These arrangements can be flipped such that they’re simply more reasonable.”

He said his dad had revealed to him the music business was an awful business and discovered that viewpoint to be the case.

  • Everybody’s a portion of it, everybody’s capable, everybody’s a contributor to the issue,” he said. “The agreements are made to assault the craftsmen. This is a negative idea I’m placing into the universe — however I idea about Bruce and Brandon Lee. This is Sony and Universal and I’m willing to put the blue paint all over and go out and do this since it’s the proper activity.
  • “Michael Jackson, Prince, these things have entered my thoughts as I’m stating I have to improve what these agreements are, it’s not about me getting my lords back, it’s about opportunity.”


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