BREAKING NEWS: My Govt Will Not Abandon Nigerian Military

My Govt Will Not Abandon Nigerian Military - Tinubu

My Govt Will Not Abandon Military

President Bola has promised that his administration would continue to appreciate the sacrifice and patriotism of the gallant men and women of the military.

The Nigerian leader made the promise during the graduation of participants of the National Defence College (NDC) Course 31, on Friday in .

, who was represented by the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Badaru, promised to ensure that the Nigerian military is well-resourced and fit for purpose to discharge its constitutional duties of protecting the nation.

He said the Armed Forces of represents one of the finest institutions that the nation could be proud of, assuring that the would continue to appreciate the sacrifice and patriotism of the gallant men and women of the military.

The president congratulated the commandant and college management team for working hard to grow and empower such a crop of strategic leaders for the armed forces, ministries, departments and agencies of as well As for all allied countries represented in the course.

Tinubu said the college had continued to produce military and civilian leaders who are intellectually sound, courageous, patriotic and of high integrity.

He added that the college's unique style of consolidated knowledge through a broad thematic area had helped in finding sustainable solutions to national and development problems not just in but in and beyond.

He expressed confidence that the graduates of course 31 would bring the knowledge, expertise and skills acquired during the course to help in finding solutions to current and emerging and developmental challenges in the country.

“Our dear country is faced with the flora of challenges including , social, economic hiccups, and migratory issues, ‘the so-called Japa syndrome'.

“We are confronted by systematic , theft, reduced national productivity, weak infrastructure, weak revenue base, and rising domestic and external debt, among others.

“Those challenges demand creative and purposeful driving leadership to mitigate.

“Since coming into office, I have rolled up my sleeves myself to confront and address them frontally, and we shall overcome with the special grace of God.

“I must admit that those challenges will require the deployment of knowledge and insight you have acquired from this college,” he said.

He added that he rejigged the leadership of the armed forces and , among others, to usher in a perspective to dealing with the security challenges, urging the participants to go back to their respective services and agencies and align with the visions of the new leadership.

Tinubu said the was currently faced with myriads of threats, such as the disruptive effect of emerging technologies, cyber threats, and unconstitutional change of government in the African sub-region.

He urged the military to help the governments build resilience against the recent spate of the democratic recession in West and build stronger assistance and mitigation to all the challenges.

The president also pledged to ensure the completion of the college's permanent site before the end of his first term to enable the college to conveniently transmute into a full-fledged Defence University.

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