BREAKING: “Open bathroom system was my greatest challenge”: Lucy Shares her experience on All-stars show

Photos of Lucy Edet

“Open bathroom system was my greatest challenge”: Lucy Shares her experience on All-stars show

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) star Lucy Edet recently left the All-Star show after spending just two weeks in the houseThe season 5 star recently spoke to about her time back on the show as a fake housemate for the All-Star edition Lucy revealed during the conversation that she knew all along she was going to be in the house for just two weeks and noted the reason she was much calmer for this time compared to 2020

Lucy Edet Essien was recently evicted from the BBNaija All-Star after just two weeks in the house as a house guest.

The Calabar-born reality TV star shared during her conversation with 's Nosa Oke-Hortons going back into the house wasn't what she expected, hence her reason for wanting to leave barely 24 hours after going in.

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Photos of Lucy EdetBBNaija star Lucy Edet speaks about her time in the BBNaija All-Star house.
Photo credit: @iamlucyedet

The celebrity chef shared this and many other intriguing details behind the scenes. Take your time to read through and enjoy the insightful conversation.

“The settings in the area were very uncomfortable for me” – Lucy

We asked Lucy what was the most challenging dynamics for her during her short spell back on the show. She said the bathroom arrangement is where male and female housemates take their showers in an open .

“For me, the most challenging thing was just the open-plan bathroom system, other than that, I think everything else was ok. The settings with the area was hmmm.”

When we pressed further to understand the situation, Lucy replied that since they didn't show it on TV, she wasn't willing to share more details about it.

I knew I was going to be in the house for just two weeks – Lucy revealed

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Edet, throughout the , seemed quite feisty and tried as much as possible to be restrictive with some of her replies but noted when asked why she didn't bring that kind of while on the show, she said:

“I knew I would be in the house for just two weeks, so I didn't feel the need to serve to violence. And yes, when we were going in, Biggie had told not to stir things up more but instead douse the tension and brewing in the house.”

Lucy also explained that she was willing to destroy her brand, which took her years to build.

“Plus, I don't want to destroy my brand that took me years build. There is already a narrative about me in the public I didn't feel the need to it further. So yes, I was calmer and more mature during this edition. Also, knowing all along I was going to only be in the house for just two weeks.”

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“I wasn't there for the money” – Lockdown star shared

The reality TV star spoke about the money situation, and she noted that she didn't go back into the house because of the money but to promote her brand further.

“I knew I couldn't win; I was an original housemate, so why risk my brand for the of a few who, most times, don't know how mentally tasking it is to be in that house?”

The Calabar reality TV noted that going back into the house, she didn't have a game plan, and she gave her reasons for that.

“I didn't have a game plan going back into the house. I wasn't there for the money so what did I need a gameplan for.”

“I thought I would be happy, but that wasn't the case, that's why I wanted to leave” – Edet noted

Lucy also shared why she decided to leave the show barely 24 hours after entering the house and was jittery.

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“I expected I would be happy, but that wasn't the case. I was way much more excited to be in the house the last time than . Yes, I was in the company of friends and felt loved, but things weren't the same; I was just not happy.”

“After leaving the house, life is a lot tougher” – BBN Star notes

At this point, the reality TV star shared a heartfelt message, noting that it is quite tasking to be on the show and even more demanding after leaving the house and dealing with all that comes after.

“It is a lot being on the show. It is mentally tasking. While on the show, housemates try very hard to entertain the viewers but sometimes only come out to experience fierce hate and trolling, especially on .”

“The media need to tone it down with their captions” – Lucy pleaded

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The reality TV star also pleated with the media to tone it down with their captions and how they sell their stories about housemates.

She said it is a lot to deal with when you don't know go on your pages to call you names, insult you and pass comments about your life that they have no grasp of.

Lucy gave an example of such comments, saying:

“Some would just come on my page and say go and marry. Like as if that's all there is to life. a person not stable bring someone else into their unstable life?”

BBN's Lucy bashes brutally as they clash over food, fans react

Meanwhile, recalls reporting when and Lucy gunned for each other's heads during the latter's short stay in the All-Star house.

A face-off between Lucy and Omashola over food got talking online. In the clip, the former slammed the latter for begging for food.

She lambasted him for going so low over just a plate of food, noting that Omashola didn't behave like someone who is already a father.


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