GIST: Doyin denies calling Pere ‘weakling’ (Video)

Doyin denies calling Pere 'weakling' (Video)

Gist: denies calling ‘weakling' (Video)

housemate, denies the allegations of calling her colleague, a weakling which led to him crying.

Drama transpired in Biggie's house after Pere walked in on Doyin reportedly referring to him as a weakling on Thursday evening.


She called and to the to iterate a misunderstanding about what she called Pere other than a weakling.

While clarifying the allegations, Doyin insisted that she referred to him as a ‘Whitney' — a term she had always called him due to his soft girl personality.

"I don't understand why he was crying" — Doyin denies calling Pere 'weakling' (Video)

“I have called him Whitney many times, nobody called him a weakling. I've called him that many times because I said he has the personality of a soft girl,” she stated in part.

Watch the video below …

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