GIST: “I didn’t used to walk around with security until I got shot” – Angela Okorie shares dark side of the entertainment industry (video)

Angela Okorie speaks

Gist: “I didn't used to walk around with until I got shot” – shares dark side of the industry (video)….>>>

actress turned singer, , has opened up about the dark side of the industry.

During a recent live session, Angela stated that she started walking around with a detail after getting shot.

Recall that the thespian was attacked by suspected assassins and was reportedly shot 12 times in the head in December 2019 while heading home from a performance.

According to her, moving with security is neither cheap nor easy, but she needs to prioritize her safety.

She shared this in the wake of the death of popular singer, , who was repeatedly attacked and harassed by individuals allegedly affiliated with his former label boss, .

Angela further revealed how a certain Disc Jockey was abducted twice by like her fellow DJs, but refused to speak up about the whole incident out of fear.

According to her, many things are happening behind the scenes in the entertainment industry that many are unaware of.

Watch her speak below,

In other , Angela Okorie has revealed the only thing that make her forgive a cheating partner.

In a post on her page, the screen diva stated that if her partner cheats, the only way she forgive him is if he buys her the most recent G-Wagon or a home in Banana Island as a gesture of contrition.

According to her, a simple “I'm sorry” isn't enough to mend the wrongdoing.


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