GIST: “I make 5 million to 65 million naira monthly” Influencer Ashmusy proudly reveals

“I make 5 million to 65 million naira monthly” Influencer Ashmusy proudly reveals

Gist: “I make 5 million to 65 million monthly” Influencer proudly reveals

In a recent with popular content creator Zicsloma, influencer made with her remarks about her monthly earnings and her high standards for potential suitors.

Ashmusy, revealed that her influencing and endeavors create a generous income of about 5 million to 65 million every month.

Despite her impressive money that she makes, Ashmusy surprised a lot of by revealing that she is still actively seeking for a romantic partner who provide her with financial support.

She stated that any potential suitor must be willing to cover her expenses, and bring at least 5 to 20 million Naira to the table.

Ashmusy brings her mother to tears as she surprises her with her dream car 

Kemi Filani reported that in August, online creator and influencer, Ashmusy has brought her mother to tears as she surprised her with her dream car.

The socialite had revealed that her mother has been eyeing an SUV car, and as her daughter, she decided to make her dream come true. Her mother, who was in the dark of her surprise, couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the car and broke into tears.

In her caption, Ashmusy had fiercely promised to keep buying her mother all the things she loves.

“I bought for 1.2million naira, and is still half tank” drag Ashmusy

Recall that in the early months of the year, Ashmusy, on Twitter, had claimed she bought for one million, two hundred thousand naira and yet her car is on a half tank.

Her obvious sarcasm was not well accepted by , who dragged her for exaggerating the painful situation in the country.

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