GIST: “If I were a girl, I would’ve slapped Doyin 3 times”

"If I were a girl, I would’ve slapped Doyin 3 times"

Gist: “If I were a girl, I would've slapped 3 times”

In a recent episode of the BBNaija Season 8 All-Stars edition, , one of the housemates, opened up during a conversation with fellow housemates and Kim Oprah that he could have slapped .

He disclosed that he would have reacted differently if he were a girl.

BBNaija Star, EgbiHe made the statement while referring to an incident involving Doyin, another housemate.

This statement followed an earlier incident where Doyin allegedly called Pere a weakling during a conversation with and .

The conversation was exposed by Biggie's in-house parrot right after the housemates returned from the arena.

The discussion among , , and Doyin primarily focused on the complex dynamics between Pere, Kim, and .

Doyin's alleged comment about Pere being a weakling deeply affected him, leading to an emotional breakdown.

Pere was visibly distraught when the parrot's revelation caused chaos in the house.

During this emotional moment, , Angel, Sholzy, and came forward to provide comfort and support.

Hours later, in a separate conversation with Kim Oprah and Cross, Pere expressed his frustration and stated, “If I were a girl, I would've slapped Doyin three times and left this house. Because I'm a guy, there are certain things I 't do.”

Kim Oprah: “I don't know why they 't let this matter rest since yesterday; it's as if they put in their bum bum.”


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