GIST: “I’ve someone that I am dating, but I am not in the relationship” Actor Lege Miami stirs reactions with his bold revelation (Video)

Lege Miami says he is in a relationship but isn't in it

Gist: “I've someone that I am dating, but I am not in the relationship” Actor Lege Miami stirs reactions with his bold revelation (Video)

actor, Adams Kehinde better known as Lege Miami has stirred the after he revealed he is in a relationship, but isn't really in that relationship.

The actor and singer made this known in an on TVC Your View, where he opened up on his personal life.

Lege revealed that he has two kids with a woman, who he didn't find compatible and has never been married before.

According to him, he is dating someone but he doesn't consider himself to be in the relationship because he does not take nonsense or tolerate rubbish.

“I have two kids, I am not married, I am single. I have someone that I am dating, but right I am not in the relationship.

I have never been married before, I just have a baby mama, who has two kids for me. We aren't together because we aren't compatible.

Right I am in a situation ship because I don't take nonsense, I don't tolerate rubbish, but I take my time”.

Lege Miami exposes men, fights over woman

Last year, Lege Miami was embroiled in a messy fight on Live, where he fought dirty with a foreigner over a woman.

Giving details on the cause of the drama, Blogger, Insiderhint revealed that Lege broke the boy's code when he alerted the lady one of his guys is dating, of his scamming .

He claimed that the guy just wanted to use her as a picker and other stuff, and advised the lady to believe him as he would give her a guy who would love her and take good care of her.

Lege betrayed his own country, as he told the lady that guys are scammers.

Unfortunately, the lady told her man all he said, and a fight ensued between the two, and the two went on Live to filthy drag themselves.

Lege Miami mocks Late Alaafin's wife, Queen Dami as she hunts for love

Some months back, Queen Dami, one of the estranged wives of the late Alaafin of , was mocked by Lege Miami for hunting for love.

Lege Miami has a dating show, where he matchmakes singles, and Queen Dami had hopped into his dating site.

Being his usual self, Lege had made fun of her for looking for a husband wearing covered-up outfits.

While introducing her to the audience, he rudely remarked on her desperate hunt for a husband yet wearing big outfits. The controversial actor ordered the estranged queen to wear skimpy outfits as well as speak in English.

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