GIST: “Let’s be honest, what I said was taken out of context” Seyi reveals 2 days after his apology video

Seyi Awolowo takes back apology to Nigerians

Gist: “Let's be honest, what I said was taken out of context” reveals 2 days after his apology video

, just days after issuing an apology for his vile and derogatory comments towards women, has spoken out to clarify his statements. During a recent live video , he insisted that his words had been “taken out of context” and also questioned 's perspe on the matter.

had previously come under for comments that were deemed derogatory and offensive towards women. In response to the backlash, he issued an apology. However, during the live video , he expressed a desire to elaborate on his intentions behind those remarks.

While he acknowledged the need to apologize for any negative impact his statements may have had, Awolowo also stated that he believed the context of his words had been misunderstood. He further explained that he felt strongly about addressing the behavior of certain individuals he had referred to as “badly behaved women.”

In his own words, Seyi Awolowo stated, “I think I'm old and I was raised a certain way. I don't think I should compromise it for anything in the , especially trying to make excuses for .”

This suggests that he still stands by his initial sentiments, though he regrets any offense his words may have caused.

Seyi Awolowo also spoke on his respect for women, highlighting his relationships with them. He mentioned that he was raised by a woman, namely his mother, and that he counted many female friends among his closest associates. These connections, he explained, were the basis for his belief that his comments had been misconstrued.

“The country is angry with me” Seyi Awolowo reveals to Akpofure

Recall that while he was in the house, Seyi Awolowo had made a candid revelation in an one-on-one with in the Big Brother All Stars house. He had spilled to that Netizens in was deeply disappointed and angered by him. He also alluded to the fact that it could be due to the offensive and distasteful remarks he made concerning women.

Some days ago, Seyi Awolowo had also acknowledged his offense and apologized to the housemates. He reveals that he regretted the words he used and the negative impact it must have had to any one it was directed to.

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