GIST: Men spotted in Mohbad’s grave following news of exhumation

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Gist: Men spotted in 's grave following of exhumation….>>>

A trending video showing some young men guarding the grave of late singer has impressed netizens on .

The also requested that members of the public refrain from posting about the exhumation of the corpse for further investigation.

They emphasized on the need for an uninterrupted investigation and assured the public that they are committed to seeking justice.

In Gistlover's words; “Mohbad's grave was secured overnight till this morning, the are requesting we stop posting about the exhumation so they do their job and not be disrupted.

“I have called few to hang around that axis and keep an eye on them because I no too trust these men on black uniform (policemen) so we will allow them do the exhumtion today without posting what time but will update everyone once it's done, OUR EYES ARE EVERYWHERE UNTIL WE GET JUSTICE!”

As of the exhumation circulates, netizens anxiously await updates on the progress of the investigation.

@myhairven reacted: “The sealing up is more expensive than the whole burial and casket.”

@inumidun_ reacted: “Imagine someone who is so loved by everyone right there cemented in the grave, why then do we take this life so hard if this is our final destination, may our light not be put off when it's shining it brightest… Rest In Peace Imole… may your killers come and join vou soonest.”

@tlady171 commented: “If imole wake up…I will use of my life time to preach d gospel through out d , dat is my promise btw me and my God.”

@sweetextdear commented: “Why were they in a hurry?? Firstly, they don't cover graves till after some weeks, why was it covered immediately? Secondly, why was it concreted this way? What do they have to hide? What secrets are they trying to bury so hard?”

@emperor_bolojay said: “Na wa ooo when no be soakaway, dem rush burry am for a reason.”

See the video below:


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