GIST: “Things are not going well for us. We need your blessings” – Happie Boys apologizes to OPM pastor, Apostle Chinyere (video)

Happie Boys apologizes

Gist: “Things are not going well for . We need your blessings” – Happie Boys apologizes to OPM pastor, Apostle Chinyere (video)

Former guards turned content creators, Happie Boys, have taken to to seek the forgiveness of their benefactor, OPM founder Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere.

In a video shared online by the young men who gained popularity after being fired from their jobs for dancing while on duty, they pleaded with the clergyman to have on them because things are not going well for them in Cyprus.

This comes a few weeks after they shunned his offer to sponsor their return ticket to to continue their in any university of their choice in or Republic after they called him out for putting a stop to their scholarship at a Cyprus university.

They also remained aresolute in their decision to remain in Cyprus and find a way to fend for themselves. They even took dancing gigs at clubs for a stipend.

 Happie Boys apologizes

Following the incident, they started making snide remarks about the clergyman and throwing shades at him on since he stopped their scholarship over economic reasons.

Surprisingly, the young men went online today to tender an apology to the clergyman and at large for their actions. They also said they are willing to return to Nigeria to apologize to the pastor.

They also vowed not to speak ill about the pastor again, and sought his blessings so that things will start working for them again.

Watch the apology video below,

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