GIST: “Trying too hard” Mixed reactions trail Ayo Makun and wife’s return to Nigeria, a month after losing their Lagos mansion (Video)

Ayo Makun and wife return to Nigeria

Gist: “Trying too hard” Mixed reactions trail and wife's return to , a month after losing their mansion (Video)

-winning comedian and actor, better known by his stage name AY has finally returned to .

A month after losing their mansion to a incident, the entertainer shared photos and clips of him and his beautiful wife, at their friend's birthday party.

Makun expressed how excited he is to be back after the unfortunate incident.

“Good to be back home. It was nice celebrating your special day with you”.

The video has however been met with mixed reactions as many noticed that the didn't look too happy and were only faking their happiness.

One Monday Obinna wrote, “I feel like that person that said Mabel smile is disrespectful

One The Sparkles wrote, “This isn't necessary, you tell that they are not really happy

One Balkee wrote, “Both of you are too old for this

One Laughter Rrx wrote, “Finally something authentic to trend for, instead of dragging our fellow comedians like generator

One Iye wrote, “Trying too hard amidst all that happened. You should calm down. You have been explaining too much

One Saent wrote, “Looks forced

guts Makun's Lagos mansion

Kemi Filani reported in August that the Lagos house of AY was gutted by fire and millions of properties were destroyed.

Videos online captured the moment a Fire Service truck tried quenching the raging fire.

Though the cause of the fire outbreak was unknown, luckily for the comedian, his wife, and his kids were on vacation overseas, when the incident happened.

Taking to his page, Ayo expressed gratitude that his wife and kids were saved.

Noting how everything else comes and goes, he expressed his eagerness to reunite with his family.

Ayo Makun relocates to the

Following the incident, the actor had temporarily relocated to the with his family.

Counting his blessings amid the loss, he stated that he has many reasons to thank God for our lives, stating that pain be temporary when one finds the right partner to journey with.

He noted how the pain may last a minute or an hour, a day, or a year, but eventually, it will subside and something else will take its place.

Ayo Makun bemoans his predicament

Admitting to his pains, AY had revealed how it felt like knowing the only wardrobe he had was the clothes and shoes he traveled with.

Taking to the micro-blogging platform, AY bemoaned over his predicament.

Despite his huge loss, he is assured that he will rebuild his life using his adversity as a stepping stone.

For him, there is no such thing as going back to square one and he is confident that God wouldn't disgrace him.

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