GIST: Veteran Nollywood Actress, Uche Jumbo Accused Of Deceit

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Uche Jumbo Accused Of Fraud

Gist: Veteran Actress, Uche Jumbo Accused Of Deceit

Veteran actress, has been called out on for alleged deceit.

Naijafreshgist reports that the actress was called out by a popular Tiktoker known as , who tackled her for promoting an unregistered product which is harmful to users, for money.

According to , many celebrities, don't use many of the products they advertise and only promote them for their gain.

He noted that these celebrities use their influence on unsuspecting fans who buy these products with the hopes that it is authentic and won't cause damage to their skin.

He said: “Why will apply make-up on her face to do a skincare advert behaving like it's the making her glow when she's actually not glowing?

“You tell she is wearing makeup in that video, and she's smiling and singing Brow Skin Girl, meanwhile, the colour of the skin on her face is different from the one on her hand. You are a , and this is a advertisement and its wickedness.

“You obviously don't use that , but because of your naive and gullible followers, they gush over your skin, and you want to sell it to them and lie to them because of small money. Something that will later damage their skin wickedness.”

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