GIST: “When Jaiye Kuti spoke, they attacked her” Netizens defend blogger as she calls out Veteran actor, Kanran over ‘his lies’ (Video)

Auto Bola calls out Kanran

Gist: “When Jaiye Kuti spoke, they attacked her” Netizens defend blogger as she calls out Veteran actor, Kanran over ‘his lies' (Video)

Netizens have come to the defense of -based blogger, Auto Bola who called out Veteran actor, Olusegun Akinremi, popularly known as “Chief Kanran” for soliciting financial assistance online.

Kemi Filani reported in 2020 that the veteran had resorted to begging to keep body and soul together.

The popular script interpreter sought financial assistance from to help him secure accommodation after he lost his home to a incident in 2017.

The actor revealed this in an with a popular radio talk show host, Kola Olootu.

Amidst hot tears rolling down his cheeks, Chief Kanran noted that he was almost begging on the streets for food but for his status as a star.

, the veteran has returned to begging for help again and has given a glimpse of his deteriorating house.

Reacting to it, Auto Bola noted how it's barely three years since contributed money for him and gave him lovely outfits, yet he claims to be living he abject .

She wondered how the bedroom the veteran showed the public, looked like a dungeon.

Telling him to stop feeding the public with lies, she reminded him that he has no disability and yet said he has children.

“It's not up to three years that contributed money for you including different lovely outfits. How come the bedroom you showed was looking like a dungeon? You have no disability and you said you have children. Stop the lies”.


Taking to comment section, many defended her as they noted how Jaiye Kuti was dragged for questioning their motives.

One Semi Bamba wrote, “All these cries for help should be properly investigated in my opinion

One Ajakaiye wrote, “I support Auto Bola for the first time. That house doesn't look like where people live

One Ebo Baba wrote, “I swear I support what this woman said. All that Mr Kanran said about himself it's pure LIES. I'm sure that's not the house that man is leaving. He only took advantage of Pastor Gabriel and everyone donating to him

One DM wrote, “When Jaiye Kuti spoke, they attacked her. You see the points she was making

Jaiye Kuti slams veterans begging online

Over the space of two months, six veterans: Lalude, Iya Gbonkan, Pariolodo, Alapinni, Sule Suebebe, Adewale, and Adebiosu had received and financial assistance from Nigerians after crying out for help.

Though many Nigerians came to their aid, Actress, Jaiye Kuti felt their behavior was deceitful and slammed them for becoming online beggars.

The movie star decried the alarming rate at which their cry for help is damaging the image of the Yoruba movie industry.

Jaiye Kuti noted that many of them did not plan for their future. Instead, they spent their youthful earnings on shortlived pleasures.

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