GIST: “Women keep toasting me” – Datwarrigirl cries out

"Women keep toasting me" - Datwarrigirl cries out

Gist: “Women keep toasting me” – Datwarrigirl cries out

Datwarrigirl, a comedian, has made some intriguing discoveries about the types of individuals she attracts sexually in her life.

The comedian posted a brief gun anecdote to her account for her followers. She claimed that an older woman who had three children had approached her and made a date request.

Datwarrigirl, comedian. Source: Google

Datwarrigirl was unable to contain her laughter as she described an unexpected situation. According to her, she was dutifully exercising at her neighborhood gym when an elderly woman approached her and said that she was just coming out of the closet.

This experience was made much more amusing by the fact that Datwarrigirl does not identify as a lesbian.

This prompted her to exclaim aloud about the kind of she attracts. “How come I keep attracting these types of ?”

She went on to say that gay and lesbian people should look for persons who are similar to them. This gym event, however, does not appear to be the first time she has been approached romantically by someone of the same sex.

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