I’m positioned to solve Nigeria’s oil and gas challenges, says

ExxonMobil President of Global Upstream Operations, Liam Mallon and President Bola Tinubu

I'm positioned to solve 's challenges, says….>>>

*As ExxonMobil pledges about 40,000bpd in production

President on Tuesday assured international investors that he was poised to solve the challenges in 's industry, having worked in the sector himself.

Consequently, he said Nigeria is open for more than ever.
ExxonMobil President of Global Upstream Operations, Mallon and President

“We know the industry. We grew up in it. We are positioned to solve the problems, and we are pragmatic, and we will solve the problem,” told a delegation consisting of the global leadership of Oil and gas transnational giant, ExxonMobil, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly on , .

Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Ajuri Ngelale, disclosed this in a statement he signed on Tuesday titled ‘“Nigeria has the resources and the leadership, we have never been more ready for ,” tells global energy industry.'

asserted that 's giant is no longer settling for crumbs and leftovers on the investment agenda of the 's most prolific energy conglomerates, saying “Nigeria has never been more ready for business than it is .”

He said following an illustrious private sector career as a professional accountant in the oil & gas industry, he has proven his capacity to take difficult decisions as President and is best prepared to solve problems and crush all bottlenecks standing in the way of new and large-scale capital flowing into Nigeria's oil & gas industry.

“The knotty issues require direct supervision on my part.

“Despite many contending obligations, I will sit down and oversee the process of removing these encumbrances to job and wealth creation for the ,” he asserted.

ExxonMobil President of Global Upstream Operations, Mallon, pledged new production of nearly 40,000bpd in its operations in phase one of a new investment push in Nigeria.

Mallon said this commitment is his company's response to 's commitment on behalf of Nigeria.

“What you told was that your team would collaborate with , and that has proven true.

“We have made significant progress since we last met. We are growing our production, and we are working hard on expanding the deepwater production.

“We appreciate your efforts, and we will respond in kind. The time is right. Thank you for your leadership,” the ExxonMobil President stated.


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