Kano Gov Swears in 41 Special Advisers

Kano Gov Swears in 41 Special Advisers

Gov Swears in 41 Special Advisers

Ahmad Sorondinki in

The Governor of , Mr. Abba Kabir Yusuf, has sworn in 41 special advisers and urged them to be bold enough to look into his eyes and tell him the bitter truth especially where he goes wrong.

Speaking during the swearing-in ceremony at the House, House, on Wednesday in Kano, Yusuf said that all advisers were expected to advice in earnest and work closely with him for the benefit of the state.

The governor enjoined them to work hand in hand with the civil servants so that his would perform optimally in the areas of hºuman and capital development.

“To the Advisers, they should know that they have taken Oath of Office and they would answer to those Oaths only by dedicating themselves to the promotion of the wellbeing of the state.

“Kano needs you today and your selection was based on your proven track record in the field of humanity, you should do all your best by advising me appropriately to make Kano great,” Yusuf said.

He, however, warned civil servants to be hundreds percent loyal to his government, reminding them that when he assumed office he ensured all those he met on the ground were and given a chance to work optimally.

“We have done much in the last 100 days in office, by prompt payment of salaries, allowances, and the promotion of the civil servants, therefore we will not tolerate disloyalty from any civil servant who is not ready to work with , and should be prepared to go.”

The governor asked the Head of Service to reemphasise to the civil servants the need for dedication to work and service to humanity.

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