LifeStyle: Avoid These Multipurpose Room Mistakes

Avoid These Multipurpose Room Mistakes

Avoid These Multipurpose Room Mistakes

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Being confined to our homes in the early days of the pandemic made many rethink how they utilize their space. Desks, tables, counters, and other flat surfaces became makeshift home offices and classrooms, and guest were used to isolate sick members of a household.

Since then, there has been growing interest in multipurpose and flex spaces that be easily reconfigured to serve a variety of functions. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when setting up your own.

Common multipurpose room mistakes

If you're fortunate enough to have the extra space, make the most of it by avoiding these mistakes:

Picking the wrong furniture

Like the space itself, the furniture in a multipurpose room should serve more than one function. Instead of a full bed or a large sectional, consider investing in a sleeper sofa. Rather than purchasing a heavy desk, consider something lightweight and easy to move that could be used for folding laundry, crafting, or doing homework.

Limiting yourself to the room's original function

Design the space around your needs, even if it was built to serve a different function. For example, a large closet or hallway become a home office and storage space, while a guest bedroom can be used as a home and workout space.

Only meeting your short-term needs

In addition to thinking about how you'll use this room today, consider how you'll continue to utilize it in the future—both in terms of its function and decor.

For example, if you currently have elementary--age children, you may want to turn your unused into a home and playroom. Before starting the transformation, consider how you'll use the room five or 10 years from . Instead of making it look like a daycare center, opt for classic decor and furniture that can grow with your kids.

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