LifeStyle: How you can Cook dinner Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

How to Cook Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker

How you Cook dinner in a

lovers, I've excellent for you: Should you bought excited when in a single day have been added to your groat repertoire, you won't have the ability to comprise your self while you discover out there may be yet one more method to put together them. It seems that oatmeal could be simply ready in most cookers. (Offered you may have a while in your fingers.)

Why cook dinner oatmeal in a rice ?

This technique is a good answer for multitaskers and folk on a good morning schedule, and it's notably great should you're trying to feed a bunch of three to 6 or should you're meal prepping a big batch. Remember, this works finest with a extra superior that has a number of settings (we'll speak extra about that later).

within the is useful because it's a hands-off technique, making it completely secure to stroll away from whereas it's working. It's straightforward to arrange and lets you absolutely immerse your self in different duties when you await breakfast.

How do you make oatmeal in a rice cooker?

I've a small rice cooker that makes about 4 cups of cooked rice. Oats act equally to rice in that they regularly soak up water till they burst and break aside. This being the case, plan sufficient room for the oats to swell as normal, and be simply as correct in measuring your ratio of liquid to oats. I used 's Purple Mill metal minimize oats (Golden Spurtle followers amirite?) and adopted the cooking ratio listed on the again of the bundle. One cup of oats to 2 and a half cups of water labored nicely for me, though you possibly minimize down on the liquid by as much as a half cup should you choose a stiffer .

Cooking oatmeal in a rice cooker works, with one draw back

The ensuing oatmeal was as excellent because it will get—tender and piping scorching, with a pliable but thick consistency. Nevertheless, I hit a pair snags alongside the way in which. As I discussed earlier, I've a small rice cooker. It's outdated. Additionally it's very primary. My rice cooker presents a alternative between “on” and “heat” and, till I threw oatmeal into it, these have been all of the settings I wanted.

Naturally, I set it to “on” and walked away. I occurred to be shopping my spice cupboard 20 minutes later after I heard a definite scorching and gurgling sound. Seems my rice cooker was spewing out starchy oat . Should you've ever boiled potatoes, , or different excessive starch meals and unintentionally lined it with a lid for too lengthy, then you already know what it seemed like: The bubbles from the boiling water turn out to be starch bubbles, which construct upon one another and ultimately push themselves out of the pot. You have to boil uncovered, or no less than semi-covered, to keep away from this, however that's probably not an choice for a rice cooker, because it depends on contained steam to make sure even cooking. This makes the rice cooker technique work finest for newer machines with medium to low temperature choices—extra settings than simply“on” and “heat.” (Some provide literal “oatmeal” settings, which is sweet.)

You probably have an outdated rice cooker like I do, you may have two choices. You possibly can cook dinner it on excessive (which is “on” for me) for 10-20 minutes, whereas retaining an in depth eye on it, after which scale back the warmth to “heat” (to keep away from the oat volcano) for a further 50 minutes, stirring often. The opposite choice is to set it to “heat” from the beginning, and await a large portion of your life to by earlier than you get to take pleasure in your oatmeal.

As you possibly can see, this technique of cooking oatmeal isn't as quick as making it in a pot on the stovetop. Finally, I believe it makes probably the most sense for leisurely making ready a bulk breakfast. Though I received't be filling my primary rice cooker with groats once more, I may see this technique being a boon for some oatmeal lovers on the market.

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