SPORTS: Get to know R-Truth’s age and all the details about his personal life

Get to know R-Truth's age and all the details about his personal life

Trending Sport : Get to know R-Truth's age and all the details about his personal life….>>>

R-Truth is an American professional wrestler, rapper, and actor. He has been wrestling for over 25 years, winning numerous accolades. R-Truth's real name is Ronnie Aaron Killings. His music career has also earned him tons of supporters in the . This article covers everything you need to know about R-Truth's age, background, and net worth.

R-Truth's real nameR-Truth is a multi-talented wrestler signed with WWE. He is also a singer and actor. Photo: @R-Truth (modified by author)

The talented rapper wrestles for WWE as a free agent under the R-Truth ring name. Many cherish him for his success, while some admire and appreciate his journey. Killings got arrested multiple times during his 20s and served some time in jail. His life took a different turn afterwards as he focused on his career.

R-Truth's profile summary


Ronnie Aaron Killings (R-Truth)

Date of birth

19 January 1972


51 (as of September 2023)

Place of birth

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States




1.88 m




Professional wrestler, rapper






Pamela Killings





Net worth

$3 million

, , Twitter

What is R-Truth's age?

Ronnie Aaron Killings is 51 years old as of September 2023. He was born in Williamsburg, South Carolina, United States. The names and details of his parents remain unknown, but he had a sister called Pamela Killings, who died of cancer in 2013. Pamela succumbed to the disease after battling it for seven years.

R-Truth's early life

The WWE superstar attended Harding High but dropped out at 16 to focus on his music career. He was a talented and race track athlete in . Still, he rejected scholarship offers from various colleges, including Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Syracuse University, to represent them in the .

R-Truth's ageR-Truth overcame a life of on the streets to become a WWE Superstar. His journey has inspired many people. Photo: David Livingston (modified by author)
Source: Getty Images

Ronnie's life changed when he got into bad company selling illegal substances and handling guns. He developed a bad criminal record, serving four jail terms, including 13 months imprisonment. His father could not visit him, while his mother felt hurt by his son's condition.

R-Truth's WWE and wrestling career

Ronnie met southern wrestling promoter Jack Crockett, who helped transform his life by introducing him to the wrestling . He sent a promo tape to Wrestling CEO Vince McMahon, who was impressed with his performance and signed him.

Killings began his wrestling journey as a Pro Wrestling Federation (PWF) manager in 1997. He spent three years travelling and training with Manny Fernandez before debuting in 1999 as K-Krush. He later wrestled for X Pro Wrestling (XPW) as K. Malik Shabaz.

Is R-Truth still in the WWE?Ronnie Killings works for WWE under the ring name of R-Truth. His talent and skills have earned him a reputation in the wrestling world. @R-Truth (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

R-Truth joined the World Wrestling Federation ( WWE) in 1999 after accepting a two-year offer from the organisation. He used the ring name K-Kwik from 1998 to 2002 and formed a team with “Road Dogg” Jesse James. Ronnie then signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling promotion in 2003, where he won several championships.

Ronnie returned to WWE in 2008, debuting on the SmackDown brand on 29 August against Kenny Dykstra. He has won several titles and holds the record for the most reigns at 53.

R-Truth's achievements

The WWE superstar has fought some of the best wrestlers like CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Kofi Kingston and The Miz. He has won numerous WWE championships and other accolades. They include:

CSWF Heavyweight ChampionshipMCW Southern Heavyweight Championship (2)NWA Wildside Television ChampionshipNWA World Heavyweight Championship (2)NWA World Tag Team Championship with B. G. James and Konnan (2)TNA World Tag Team Championship with Adam JonesWWE 24/7 Championship (30)WWE Tag Team Championship with Kofi KingstonWWE United States Championship (2)WWF Hardcore Champion (2)Bragging Rights Trophy (2009) with Team SmackDownMixed Match Challenge (Season 2) with CarmellaSlammy (2)Best Musical Performance (2008)LOL Moment of the Year (2015)Is R-Truth still in the WWE?R-Truth's injuryR-Truth has missed out on the ring since November 2022 after injuring his tendon. He could return in late 2023. Photo: @R-Truth, @wwe (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The multi-time WWE 24-7 Champion has been out of the ring for many months, with most fans worried about his career. So, is R-Truth retired? Where is he ? Ronnie has not retired, but -related injuries have kept him out of action for months.

R-Truth's came during an NXT match against Grayson Waller on 1 November 2022, when he suffered a torn quad. He has undergone multiple surgeries, with his recovery expected in late 2023.

R-Truth's music career

R-Truth's songR-Truth began writing and performing rap songs in his teenage days. He even left school to pursue a music career. Photo: @R-Truth (modified by author)
Source: Facebook

Killings has successfully created music outside of his wrestling career. He has two albums (Invinceable in 2003 and Killingit in 2016) and six non-album singles. He released his last single, titled Set It Off, in 2020. R-Truth's songs are available on various platforms online. They include:

Tell Mr Why (2003)What's Up? (2009)I Be Like (2016)High Step (2016)Pump It Up (2016)Run It (2019)Dance Break (2019)Hit Em Up (2020)

R-Truth's acting career

The multi-talented American has starred in four movies. His first was the 2003 political-comedy film Head of State, which starred Chris Rock. Killings was also part of the 2008 movie The Wrestler alongside Mickey Rourke. He also appeared in the 2016 film Break Dance Revolution and the 2018 action-thriller film Blood Brother.

R-Truth's family

R-Truth's familyR-Truth (L) and his eldest daughter Aliyah pose for a photo during her graduation. On the right is R-Truth's wife, Pamela Killings. Photo: @ronkillings1, @Celebfamily1 (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The WWE superstar tied the knot with his wife, Pamela Killings, on 7 April 2011 at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, North Carolina. He has five kids, four from his previous relationship and a daughter, Lacey, with Pamela. Lacey was born on 15 November 2014.

According to some sources, R-Truth's son is called Trey. She also has a daughter named Aliyah. R-Truth's wife has kept herself from the limelight and prefers living a private life.

R-Truth's net worth and salary

Ronnie has a net worth of $3 million as of September 2023. According to R-Truth's , he earns a basic salary of $550,000 at WWE. The wrestler also earns from merchandise royalties and PPV appearances. He has a property in North Carolina, where he stays with his family.


The American celebrity has millions of followers across his platforms. He has 1 million followers on Instagram as of September 2023. His Facebook has 3.3 million followers, while his Twitter has 1.6 million. You access the latest R-Truth's photos on his accounts.

R-Truth's age has not stopped him from wrestling in the WWE. He is among the most competitive wrestlers with a massive fan base. His entrance and hilarious antics have earned him millions of fans. Many look forward to his return to the ring after surgery.

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