SPORTS NEWS: Israel Adesanya Insists Strickland Won’t Be Difficult To Beat

Israel Adesanya Insists Strickland Won't Be Difficult To Beat

Trending Sport : Insists Won't Be Difficult To Beat

-born Australian Mixed Martial Artist and middleweight champion, , has stressed that beating Sean won't be difficult for him.

Recall that Adesanya was supposed to fight South African MMA star, Dricus Du Plessis, but he withdrew from the 293 due to issues.

Hence, Sean Strickland who is said to be at loggerheads with Adesanya had to come in for Du Plessis which is an opportunity for them to continue with their rivalry.

Reports claimed that Strickland dislikes Adesanya because he likes anime, wears nail polish, and is, in his opinion, generally reliable.

On the other hand, Adesanya seizes every chance to antagonize Strickland. He recently declared that he would face off against the American while sporting painted nails.

Israel Adesanya was asked about his forthcoming fight with Sean Strickland, and the -born MMA star said the American fighter wouldn't be as much of a problem for him to handle.

Adesanya recounted his ordeal with Brazilian fighter Pereira who defeated the Nigerian fighter three times before he bounced back to defeat him earlier this year.

“Difficulty? Nah, I don't think it's that difficult”, Adesanya said of his forthcoming fight with Strickland.

“But again this is this is where you don't underestimate someone, and also, you don't overestimate someone. I don't think it's that difficult I'm not going to put him on a pedestal like he's God I never did that with Pereira and after he beat me three times, I was just like I beat this guy, I know I beat this guy I don't fear any man so. This guy is not on that level, and I know I can beat him he's not that difficult.”

The Nigerian fighter however noted that he has to be careful as he “cannot afford to make mistakes” against Strickland.

Israel Adesanya and Strickland will square off in Sydney Olympic Park's Qudos Bank Arena on Sunday, September 10 as the Nigerian fighter attempts to defend his UFC middleweight title against the American fighter.

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